Awakening the Dragon: The Nature of Sino-African Relations at Different Stages

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 This research examines the economic activities of China and Africa by contextualizing the nature of this association and interrogating the ramifications of this deepening relationship. Despite much hysteria in recent works, formulated on the claim that China’s presence on the African continent is hazardous and parasitic in nature, Sino-African relations must be understood as a long-term partnership and through an economic growth perspective that was first presented by W. W. Rostow. No different from other relationships, Sino-African relations also possess opportunities and threats. Based on empirical analysis presented in this research, the results indicate the bond between these states is mutually beneficial for African countries due to the balance of trade, dissipation of technological and material resources, the creation of infrastructure and increased strategic agreement with China. However, this relationship ought to be explored with caution because of the increased influence of China, while that of the West decreases, signifying increased dependency of African states which has existed in previous years during the colonial, imperial, and early modern era.

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