"Discovering the Buried: A Historical Exploration of Women in Ancient Philosophy"

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During ancient times, patriarchy fueled a clear and distinct division within society. However, we must acknowledge that within Ancient Philosophy, many women contributed great thought to the discipline.This research focuses on women philosophers of ancient Greece, Egypt, and Israel. This study explores the lives of four philosophers of the ancient period: Perictione I, Diotima of Mantinea, Bruriah, and Hypatia of Alexandria. These women will be used as case studies to narrate the forgotten stories of women in ancient philosophy. They stood as the forbearers of profound knowledge by: 1) expounding from Pythagorean discipleship, 2) contributing to the philosophy of love and Midrash Halacha, 3) engaging in metaphysics, and 4) advancing the philosophy of mathematics respectively. The goal of this work is to emphasize the importance of exploring, understanding and engaging with women philosophers of the ancient period. This observation interrogates the conceptualization of women within the ancient period by challenging the idea that women existed solely for the will of man and to abide by the rules of the nation which intended to further subjugate her being. It also underscores the claim that without women, as Simonides states, society would be not able to continue. 

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