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This paper seeks explore what happens when the activity of sewing is infused with a love for painting and design. Through fashion design, with a concentration in tailor-made bodysuits, I invite the investigation and exploration of self-expression, materialistic ingenuity and perception as it relates to: the body, gender fluidity, and self-consciousness. 
Thematically, I intend to utilize this work as a way of addressing masculinity, sexual fluidity, and how the Black man begins to find sanctuary within his mind, body, and soul, so that his entry into manhood is less traumatic and more organic. Black Masculinity should be tailored to black men as individuals and to just generalizations and stereotypes. 
Additionally, I intend to examine the terror situated within the Black male experience across the United States, specifically as it relates to males who identify as homosexual. This will speak directly through my own personal experiences and the utilization of materials such as: paint, photography, and fashion.
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